You Have 12 Minutes!

Featured photo: Hubby and I running a 5K (4 months pregnant – I speed walked)

After having my two children my time had seemingly slipped away for physical fitness.  From a young age I was always active from taking dance classes, to running, to zumba, pilates, cycling, etc.  With little to no time to actually make it to the gym, between balancing my two little ones, full time ministry and a full time job, I found myself completely frustrated.  How was I to stay fit and healthy, despite so little time to do so?

My husband, who also loves fitness, gave me the idea for a foundation of a 12 minute workout that gets my heart rate going and usually enables me to work out my entire body in one session.  I COULD DO THAT!

The principle is to choose 6 exercises that target various muscle groups in your body.  Each exercise is done for 20 seconds as fast as you can followed by a 20 second rest period, therefore doing each exercise 3 times.

I usually put 12 minutes on my iPhone timer and let it count down for me while I watch the clock for my start up and rest sessions.  It may initially sound complicated, but it is so simple and effective to incorporate into a fitness routine and especially for a busy woman!

This is also great for all fitness levels, because you push as hard and far as YOUR body can go.

Keep in mind, my background is in dance, so I often incorporate ballet barre techniques to work my legs!

Here is one of my workouts that I incorporated into exercise program.

1. Second position plies, with weighted arm curls (legs are in a wide squat, toes pointed outward, tighten tummy and DO NOT stick your butt out)
2. Push-ups
3. Bicycle crunch
4. Jumping lunges
5. Shoulder presses (with light weights)
6.Mountain climbers (hands and feet on the floor as if you were going to do a push up, bring one leg in then back out to start, then alternate.  Do this as fast as possible!)

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