Real Beauty

Let’s be real!  There are days I want to roll out of bed, throw my hair up, wear sweatpants and not even think about getting decently dressed.  We have been so conditioned in our culture to believe that women don’t have those days and that each one of us “woke up like this!”  I enjoy looking and feeling good about myself, but there’s more to life.  I have often noticed, that how I feel inside will reflect on the outside.  That’s not to say on days that my outfit is on point, I am not just putting on a facade to push through my day.  However, true beauty on the inside will reflect on the outside greater than any outfit could ever appear.  I find the following scripture refreshing and challenging at the same time!  “The LORD doesn’t see things the way you see them. People judge by outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.”

It is refreshing, because on days when I feel like I am dragging outwardly, if my heart is right and pure God is pleased, and really that is all that matters.  If I am showing love to other people and making a difference for the better in my sphere then I am growing!  It is challenging however, because it forces me to look inward.  Often it is easy to get wrapped up in the outward appearance, because that is what our friends, family and people we meet see.  However looking at areas I need to change to make life for myself, my family and others better can sometimes be more difficult.

None of us are perfect inwardly or outwardly, however striving to ultimately please our Heavenly Father will bring wholeness, a sense of freedom and reflect a beauty others will be drawn to!

PS: Featured photo speaks for itself.  My baby’s hand on mine is truly beautiful!

xo KK

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