11 Years Strong

Posting this in “MOM LIFE” should be my first post, because without this story, there would be no mom life for me! 🙂

The featured photo is my husband and I about 11 years ago.  Today is exactly 11 years since I met my forever love.  I’ll never forget the first night we ever talked.  I left my college campus and on my way home figured I would stop at the gym to get in an hour workout before heading home to relax on my Friday night.  It had been a long week and I was tired, but decided to swing by anyway.

At this point I was not anticipating talking to anyone, especially a guy.  I was not interested in pursuing any relationships.  I was focusing on myself, my relationship with God and even told God, “I am done looking for anyone!  The next man I ‘date’ will be for marriage.”  It had been quite awhile alone for me, and believe me, it was much needed!

I’ll never forget, I began my workout with my usual warm-up on the treadmill.  Then started along my usual path through the machines.  As I began my ab workout on my favorite machine, a young man who was working there, walked over and said, “Hi.”

Usually in these types of situations I would respond with a cordial hi and keep going about my business.  However he then asked me a question, I believe it was, “How are you….” (simple enough) but with some other words attached, which I don’t quite remember, yet it was one of the easiest and most fluid conversations I’d had in a long time.  Most of what I do remember is being engaged in a conversation unlike any other I had ever experienced with a guy.  Most guys I had conversations with, up until this point were very shallow, and left me saying to myself, “REALLY?!?!”  But this one was different.  If the term, “I was swept off my feet,” ever applied, it was that night.

We didn’t talk about anything mushy, but about REAL things that matter in life, like, God, family, the future, and all in depth – things that are not just ordinarily talked about.

After that moment, I knew there was something different about this man, and we had the potential of a future together.

That same night after leaving the gym, I called my mom to tell her who I talked to.  It was a strange feeling and she was shocked and actually at a loss for words. Now to understand the significance of this to her and me you have to understand who I was before I put my life in God’s hands.

I had lived a life apart from God up until a year before meeting Joe.  In that year’s span of time, I went through a season of healing, however prior to that made MANY mistakes and looked for love in all the wrong places.  Joe, was my Pastor’s son, and NEVER would I have thought we would have talked or been interested in one another.  When looking at our individual lives, they could not have been more opposite.  That goes to exemplify the plans that God has are unthinkable and beyond our comprehension the majority of the time.

That night was the beginning of a beautiful love story.  One with ups and downs and laughs and tears, yet we always knew it was special and there was no plan B!

Here we are 11 years later, married for almost 7 years and with two beautiful children (with talk of another possibly soon ;0).  I could never have put the pieces together myself;  God placed each of us here for the other and there is no better half for me!


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