Little Bit of Everything Weekend

Last weekend was a busy one.  We kicked off our weekend with Refuel, a quarterly young adults event that we host at our church.  My hubby is the young adults/youth pastor and has a great vision for young people.  Youth often battle for their faith in today’s world we live, and this is a way we can touch their lives and encourage them not to lose hope.

Here’s an awesome picture of our team that worked so hard to put it on!

Being a mom of toddlers I don’t often go out or dress up much.  Plus I think most of my pics that I post are without makeup.  So here is proof that I do actually put on makeup once in awhile! 😉 Here’s me, just getting ready to go to our event and of course there are tons of snacks in the background in prep for the sitter.

Saturday morning we slept in (7:30am – woooo hooo!), I checked in with my challenge group that I am currently running! These ladies are working out daily, eating healthy and supporting each other completely!  It’s been awesome!

My hubby made us a beautiful breakfast!  Spinach and caramelized onion omelet and a potato hash brown on the side and it was delicious!! He is known as the “breakfast boy” around our house!  He does it better than me, so why rock the boat!


Early afternoon on Saturday my oldest and I went to get pedicures!  It was her first time and she LOVED it!  I was a little uneasy to take her because I wasn’t sure if she would sit, or just be comfortable in the whole setting!  She was more than comfortable, in fact she was beyond excited that she kept thanking me the rest of the day and couldn’t stop talking about how pretty her toes were!  Needless to say, it was the first of many I am sure!


We concluded our weekend on Sunday with an awesome Palm Sunday service in prep for the week of Easter!

Hope everyone had a great weekend, no matter what you did!

Live with purpose!

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