Boy or Girl?


For my fourth pregnancy, (third baby here on Earth), my husband and I came to the agreement to find out if we were having a boy or girl.  We waited until my first was born and it was one of the best surprises ever, so we contemplated doing that again, but in the end, we just wanted to know.   We had the ultrasound tech write it down for us in a sealed envelope which I eventually gave to my sister-in-law to order our gender reveal baseball from Etsy.  However, my husband and I ended up peeking to find out before our actual gender reveal, which ended up being a good idea.  It would have been too much emotion for one day!

Of course already having two girls, naturally speaking, we both anticipated having a son, but would be overjoyed and so grateful for a healthy child either way.  Especially after losing a baby, your perspective on the gender of the baby, the season in the year they are born, etc. all changes.  You come to understand that all of those things are really not in your hands.

Even with that understanding, my husband and I both really thought we were having a boy.  We have both felt for a long time, really from the start of us having children that God had a son for us.  So much so, that in finding out this time I had to work through a mindset change.  I felt pressure from others, (people would often infer in conversation to me that the pressure was on for this third child to be a boy); but maybe even a little pressure I put on myself to give my husband his son, when in reality it has nothing to do with me.

I came to truly understand on a much deeper level that this is the exact child that God had planned for us.  If we didn’t lose Skyler, and didn’t have to wait four months following to conceive, I wouldn’t be carrying THIS child.  God says to us in His Word, that “BEFORE I formed you in the womb I knew you.”  That means that this “rainbow baby” is who God had planned for us.  Her features, her personality, her character, her likes and dislikes and everything about her was planned before she was even in my womb.  Understanding what God says as truth, as opposed to the suggestions of others or even our own thoughts is just so much greater.

God has blessed us so much and in walking with Him, He continues to do so.  I hope this little snippet of life encourages someone in any area of life that may feel pressure from others to meet certain expectations.  Ultimately, God is in control and He knows what is best for us!  Only when we listen to what He says do we truly gain understanding and appreciate the blessings we have!

Here’s the video from our gender reveal! A true reason to celebrate! Enjoy!



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