Alternatives for Pregnancy Glucose Testing

I wanted to share my story in brief for all those pregnant mamas who are nearing their “glucose tolerance test.” I didn’t think I had any other options aside from taking the test as prescribed, which meant putting that unhealthy, gmo, orange food-coloring filled drink into my body.

With my first two babies, I did the test as is. The first time I was in shock at what they handed me, and the second time I just felt guilty because I didn’t do anything to make any adjustments or prevent my body and my baby from that yucky experience. So with my third baby I did some research and found some other options.

1. They offer a clear drink, if you can’t handle the dyes. However it takes months to find and get to your facility for testing, but that wasn’t good enough for me. Mostly because I would still be drinking genetically modified corn syrup and other additives/preservatives.

2. Eat something else! YES, it’s an option!!

I talked to my nutritionist who suggested eating organic dark chocolate in enough quantity to make up the 50 grams of sugar required for the test.

I had her write me a letter that I shared with my doctor, as to how many pieces to eat of a Sjaaks organic chocolate! I was not anticipating the easy response of a YES for me to do it this way, but He did.

After that appointment I breathed a sigh of relief that I could do it the best way I saw fit me and my baby.

This was so important to me, because I daily live to eat healthy (mostly paleo, limited to no sugar, and NO food dyes) exercise and do what’s best for my long term health and of course the growing baby I carry.  To put something into my body for a test, and shock it, just does not seem healthy to me in any way.

I hope this gives someone else the knowledge that there are other options available and you are not limited or forced to take the test as prescribed.

As always check with your doctor, and work together to do what’s best for YOU!

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