A Consistent New Year

We hear all the classic new year sayings…”Make this year count,” “It’s a new beginning,” “Make your resolution,” and the list goes on.  Those are all great and hopefully, they work for many people.

To start, I’m not usually a new year’s resolution kind of girl.  I believe growth and change should be a continual thing in life.  For me, I know I try to identify weak areas throughout the year, often times areas that people (many times my hubby) may point out in my life and work on them.  I usually do that through prayer, intentional thinking and intentional application.  Sometimes there are areas I have worked on for years and I haven’t mastered them, and that’s okay, as long as I am growing.

I am a perfectionist by nature and can often fall into the trap of, “well it’s not perfect, so why bother trying?”  That may seem a little extreme, but it happens to me often in different areas of my life and then I just stop doing the things I know I need to in order to reach my future goals.  So instead of focusing on perfection this year, I am choosing to focus on being consistent.  So I guess you could say, this year I am somewhat of a resolution girl! 😉

If we focus on being consistent daily, putting in time (even if its 10 minutes) to the areas of life that we deem most important, we will absolutely have to see change.  I used my workout pictures from this morning because that is an important area in my life.  I believe exercise, eating healthy and thinking positively are all extremely important to our day to day lives.  I know for myself if I do not take time for self-care, I have nothing to give to others.

For me, this year I am making it a goal to be consistent in blogging, posting and creating a fun community for healthy, whole women.

Whatever is a passion of yours, pursue it! The desire is inside for a reason, so make the effort, make the time and just do it-Little by little, day by day! Make small changes, create small growth.

When you watch a flower bloom, the change as it blossoms is little by little.  We often won’t notice the small changes it is making before it gets to the beautiful flower it was created to be.  The same is with many of us, we expect the full rose now without the tiny growth and change.  But with consistency, not demanding perfection right away, we will get there!  That’s my goal this year, to be consistent with the things I am most passionate about and be ok with less than perfection.

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