My Weekly Exercise Routine

Today I am sharing my weekly exercise routine.  As a busy wife and work at home mom, I have to find time and create a plan that works for me.  This is my goal for each day of the week.  Sometimes I complete it all, sometimes it is modified depending on how our family schedule works out for the week.

I think it is important to plan what you would like to see happen for the week, knowing that with life and all of its twists and turns that sometimes it doesn’t happen exactly how you want it to.  However, if I miss a day, or have to shorten a workout for that day, I am okay with that and then revisit the exact same goal next week.

So here it goes:

Mondays: I teach two Zumba classes at a gym about 30 minutes from my house. Clearly, that is my cardio workout for the day.  I also like to separately do ab work, and also an additional body part, ie: arms, legs, back, chest.

Tuesdays: Rest day!

Wednesdays: I do a home exercise video.  I have been focusing a lot on toning recently, so I have been doing the 30 minutes of “Dirty 30” from the 21 Day Fix program.  It is a great full body toning workout.

Thursdays: I do a home video of either pilates or 21 Day Fix yoga.  I like to incorporate stretching, and toning into my weekly routine at least once.  It helps stretch out all the muscles you are creating throughout the week.

Fridays/Saturdays: I have both days here, because it is usually one or the other, but sometimes I am blessed to be able to do both. My husband is home, so I have the opportunity to go to Crunch for a good 45 minute workout, usually early in the morning. This might be my favorite day(s) of the week, because I am the most relaxed and just get in the zone.  This is my usual routine at this gym:

Warm-up on the treadmill for 10 minutes – 3 minutes walking, 6 minutes running, 1 minute back to walking.

Then, since Crunch has this long row of machines that you can use for what they call a half hour power circuit, I usually use most of them, doing 3 sets of 12-15 reps each.  This works my entire body, but I will usually sub in and out some of the other fun machines they have there.  I can talk more in depth about the specific machines I use in another post.

Finally, I usually finish up with the 100-150 reps on the ab coaster and then the Stairmaster.  The Stairmaster is seriously one of my favorite machines!  You can feel it burning and toning your glutes and legs while getting your heart rate up to a fat burning level.  I’ll usually go on moderate speed, 3 minutes forward climbing, 3 minutes right facing, 3 minutes left facing and 3 minutes with extra speed.

I then end up cooling down with some stretching in their aerobics room.

I think by varying my days, exercises and locations I work out, it keeps it fresh and interesting.  I never get bored and if it starts to become mundane with my at home exercise videos or my current workout at the gym, I switch it up.

I’d love to hear your routines and how you fit your workouts throughout the week!  I’m always up for tips and thoughts on how to do it better!

Have an awesome day!

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