Change your Thoughts, Change your Life

Let’s talk about emotions. Our emotions or feelings actually originate from the thoughts we think, not from the circumstances around us.  Our feelings are created inside as a result of what we choose to think about our circumstances.  Yes, even happy emotions are not a result of circumstances, but of the thoughts we think that make us happy in those circumstances.

We actually have more power over our emotions than we think. The more we mature in recognizing the ability we have to control our thoughts the better we will react to situations.

Emotions will come, but it is what we choose to do at each moment with our emotions that will determine the outcome or result of feeling it.

The Bible (my guide book) says, “Be angry, and do not sin.  Meditate within your heart on your bed and be still. (Ps. 4:4)

I read this the other morning and started to think intensively about this.  I perceive that we often think we aren’t supposed to feel negative emotions.  As soon as they come up, instead of processing them correctly, we either stuff them, or lash out at the person or circumstance we think are creating that negative feeling.  But the fact is that God created us to be able to think and to feel, and as humans we WILL have emotions, even negative ones.

So what do we do with them? I believe the answer is to train ourselves to deal with the thoughts and emotions properly.

For me I need to get somewhere quiet and pray.  I think it is interesting that the verse says, “Meditate within your heart on your bed and be STILL.”  I know when I am feeling all sorts of negative emotions, the last thing my brain and body want to do is be still.

But we can rise above our thoughts.  We can rise above our emotions and feelings, and recognize them for what they are, renew our thoughts and choose to feel peace and stillness.

We have been created with great complexity to be able to think creatively, intelligently, etc, that we must take inventory of our thoughts and how we process emotions daily to be able to think differently.

It’s a process and it takes work, but it is worth it for the growth and transformation in ourselves and our relationships.

You may be saying, “This is beyond me, my emotions are all over the place, how would I even make a change?”

I challenge you today to just start by taking an inventory of your thoughts. Observe what you are thinking and even write it down.

Be quiet, be still and process your thoughts.

Know that there is a God that loves you, that designed you to have thoughts, emotions and feelings, but to also have a steady and rich peace and joy through and through.

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