Favorites: Quick and Easy Food Round-Up

As I was going through my fridge the other day prepping to make myself a super quick lunch, I realized I keep certain items in my house for busy days, that I usually use to create a quick and simple meal/snack. So today I’m sharing a round-up of some of my healthy and easy favorites for snacks and lighter meals.

As busy women we need healthy and quick options to keep us and our family’s running, so here are some items I regularly keep stocked at home! Items that are none Trader Joe’s specific are linked for more info!

Perfect bars are one of my favorites because they are quick on the go, taste great and contain protein and additional superfoods and veggies such as kelp, spinach and carrot. A great go-to snack for busy days!

I love veggies! These are seasoned well, can be thrown in the oven for a quick side for lunch or even dinner! I usually dip them in primal kitchen’s chipotle lime mayo! It’s a quick and yummy food to keep on hand!

These I pick up at Shoprite! A great veggie burger is sometimes hard to find. Many times there can be a lot of fillers and additional unnecessary carbs added to the burger, but these are organic, mostly veggie, with some oats and walnuts. They also taste great! This is a favorite for my hubby too! We make these quick, and wrap them in lettuce!

These are a great dinner side! Quick, easy and healthy, but a step up from your usual frozen veggies! The balsamic butter sauce is key! Just keep these in your freezer to have on hand! You’ll be thankful you did!

This is pretty self-explanatory. We love hummus in our house.  Actually, that was one of Chloe’s favorite foods as a baby, and she was an extremely picky eater.  This one from Trader Joe’s is great because of the variety.  Pair it with some carrots, cucumbers or veggie straws for a quick and healthy snack!

I’m not usually one for pre-prepared meals; I like to make my own, especially when it comes to meat! However, this is a great, easy item to have on hand every so often. For those late nights out, or when getting home for the dinner, bath and bedtime rush with the kids; this is an easy, throw it in the oven while you do 100 other things and it’s ready item! Let me tell you, it’s pretty delicious!

Well, that’s the round-up for this week! Keep your eye out for posts of other favorites and products that I use daily!

Have an awesome and healthy day!

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