Create the Good Kind of Tired

At the end of a day, I enjoy feeling like I used myself up in a useful way.  As I learn and grow, not only in age, but in maturity and focus, that is my goal.  I actually like to be tired at the end of a day, however I want to be so because of what I did, what I created and what I put out into the world.

I’m not talking about the kind of tired where you are pushing and straining against your own life, where you feel like you’re frustrated, overwhelmed and things aren’t going how you planned.  Not the kind of tired, when you’re fighting yourself in your own mind or the people or circumstances around you.  Of course that kind of tired still happens for me, but it’s not the kind of tired I want to create.

I want to be tired because I am fulfilled, accomplished and proud of what I’ve done.  That’s the kind of tired that I like.

It doesn’t happen every day! Sometimes I don’t get moving in my mind or body.  Sometimes I hang out in self-pity or overwhelm, but I really try to plan my days and organize my life so that I can mostly feel accomplished and fulfilled.  Even on my best day it doesn’t occur at every moment, but overall I want to feel like I used all of me in a profitable way.
How I invest my time is important to me.  How I speak to my husband, children and the people in my sphere makes a difference.  How I apply myself and skills to my job, knowing it is done with excellence contributes to that fulfillment.
I’d like to take this a step further and say this is the same way I want to feel at the end of my life.  I want to feel like I fully lived my life!  I want to know that I left this world better than I found it, in my own small, seemingly insignificant way.  I want to feel like I contributed positively and left my little corner of the world a little bit better, in whatever influential way that I could.  I want to feel like I learned as many lessons as I possibly could and grew personally.
There are means to practically and mindfully create our days in order to experience an overall healthy, joyful and thriving life.  If I wrote all of them down now, this post would be too much to digest and more importantly apply.  I have NOT arrived, just determined, so as I learn, I will share here and with confidence say, we can learn and flourish together.

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