God First.

My daughter came downstairs the other morning, earlier than usual, so I invited her to sit with me in my “prayer chair” and read. I read to her from Matthew 7, where Jesus talks about asking, seeking and knocking. She wanted to know and understand what “seek” meant. So I broke it down and began to explain. Every day following for a good week, she would wake up and say to me, “Seek Mommy!”

Her childlike faith and diligence caused me to think about my own daily walk. Do I truly, truly press every day and do this. Do I seek?

This is such a simple topic, and if we apply it, one of the most powerful truths.

Seek His will in all you do, and He will show you which path to take. (Proverbs 3:6)

I believe the key word there again is “seek”. Seek is a verb, which requires action, which means we need to be actively doing something in our walk with God.  God loves us and is willing and able to be there for us in our times of trouble, to act on our behalf and be the loving arms we need every moment.  He does not change.  He remains constant and steady but often waiting for us to just SEEK Him.

What does this look like each day?  Putting Him first, and choosing His ways even when we don’t want to.  When our natural mind, habits, and even desires aren’t in order or balanced, we need to observe and reprioritize.  I am currently following a 21 day brain detox from Dr. Caroline Leaf.  She explains the science of the brain and how our minds can be changed, however the FIRST thing we need to do before any of the steps, is to thank God, praise Him and worship Him.  She explained that the middle part of our brains actually begin to change shape when we do this.  Different signals are actually sent through the larger part that prepares us for change to occur.

Why is this important? When we put God first, we will be blessed.  We will be at peace.  We will prosper.

Seek FIRST the kingdom of God, and ALL these things will be added to you. (Matthew 6:33)

There’s that word again, “seek”.  If the Bible is true, (which I’ve seen its truths work), then that means if we are seeking God in prayer, thanksgiving and worship, then the rest of our desires, blessings and things we need will be taken care of.  We need not worry!

I need to be reminded of this in my own life, which is why I am sharing it here!  I can absolutely get caught up in the doing-doing good for my husband, family, ministry, outreach, church life, etc but am I really putting God first? I never want to lose my focus, or lose my why in life.  God is my why.  Jesus changed my life, made me whole, made me a new person and put His love in my heart and through my life.

Choose each day to put God first, to seek Him and watch the amazing things He will do!

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  1. Kristin, What a perfect, well articulated description of how we should be “seeking” Him. Timely and a real blessing for this day and season I am personally in. Just seeking and waiting for the Lord to show me clearly where He wants me spending my time at work and what He wants me doing aligning with HIS WILL. Thank you for sharing your heart and the Truth with us. This is just awesome. I love you so. Have a really wonderful day. (Which little one was it that came downstairs?)


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