God First.

My daughter came downstairs the other morning, earlier than usual, so I invited her to sit with me in my "prayer chair" and read. I read to her from Matthew 7, where Jesus talks about asking, seeking and knocking. She wanted to know and understand what "seek" meant. So I broke it down and began... Continue Reading →

Change your Thoughts, Change your Life

Let's talk about emotions. Our emotions or feelings actually originate from the thoughts we think, not from the circumstances around us.  Our feelings are created inside as a result of what we choose to think about our circumstances.  Yes, even happy emotions are not a result of circumstances, but of the thoughts we think that... Continue Reading →

My Weekly Exercise Routine

Today I am sharing my weekly exercise routine.  As a busy wife and work at home mom, I have to find time and create a plan that works for me.  This is my goal for each day of the week.  Sometimes I complete it all, sometimes it is modified depending on how our family schedule works... Continue Reading →

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